Your Marketing Coach Podcast

I’ve spent the last decade as the architect behind the scenes, helping over 4500 entrepreneurs build their businesses by helping them implement marketing strategies that work. I’ve helped generate:

Over 25 million leads

Hundreds of millions in sales

And gave back countless hours by leveraging the power of automation

I’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t. And now, I’m going to share everything I’ve learned here with you.

You’ll soon learn I’m a “lay my cards all on the table kinda gal,” so I want to be open and real about my three key motivations for this podcast:

First of all, I want to help 20k entrepreneurs build million-dollar coaching businesses by teaching them how to create, package, market, and sell their knowledge and expertise.

Why million-dollar businesses, you ask? Because they change lives. 

If built the right way, a business that generates a million dollars a year provides the entrepreneur with freedom, flexibility, and control. 

Freedom with money. 

Flexibility over their time. 

And control over their quality of life. 

And, the best part is they do it by serving others in a meaningful way and by making a lasting impact in the world.

Finally, if you need help implementing the strategies I share here on this podcast, I hope you’ll choose to work with me and my team.

That’s it – no other hidden agenda here. 

I want to help you build a million-dollar business. I’m holding nothing back, providing you with everything I know and continue to learn.


If you are an entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed and confused about what it takes to package your knowledge and experience into a million-dollar coaching business that gives you freedom, flexibility, and control, then you are in the right place, my friend.

Thanks for tuning in and allowing me to be Your Marketing Coach.


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