This might go against the instinct many of us have, especially in roles where we’re used to helping and guiding others, like coaching, mentoring, or parenting. But here’s the truth: every time we step in to rescue someone, we are actually robbing them of valuable lessons and growth opportunities.

The urge to help is natural, especially when we see someone we care about struggling. We want to swoop in, solve their problems, and alleviate their pain. But sometimes, the greatest gift we can offer isn’t a solution but the space for them to learn and grow on their own terms. It’s about empowering rather than enabling.

In my journey as a coach, I’ve learned that my role isn’t to be the hero for my clients. It’s not about providing them with all the answers or shielding them from every challenge. Instead, it’s about guiding them to find their own solutions and their own strength. This approach allows them to develop resilience, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence – traits that are essential for long-term success and fulfillment.

The same goes for personal relationships. Whether as a friend or a parent, it’s vital to recognize when to step back and let our loved ones navigate their own paths. It can be tough, especially when every fiber of our being wants to step in and make everything right. But remember, growth happens when we’re pushed out of our comfort zones, facing and overcoming obstacles independently. You know it, I know it; let them discover it.

I promise you this: they will find their way. 

The journey might be rocky, and watching from the sidelines might be challenging, but it’s what’s best.


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