If you’re serious about having success in your business, it’s time to find a coach who offers you the hard truths, not just compliments. 

Look for someone who challenges you, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and tells you what you NEED to hear, not just what you WANT to hear.

This idea might be a bit uncomfortable to digest, but it’s vital for growth. In the world of entrepreneurship, comfort zones are often the biggest enemies of progress. Having a coach who is not afraid to push you beyond these boundaries can be the catalyst for breakthroughs you never imagined possible.

The right coach won’t sugarcoat the truth or shy away from giving constructive criticism. They recognize that growth often comes from facing tough realities head-on. This doesn’t mean they’re there to tear you down; rather, they’re committed to building you up stronger and more capable than before. They see the potential in you that perhaps even you haven’t fully realized.

If you’re looking for a “yes woman/man” or a “cheerleader,” then you might want to reconsider, do you really want a coach at all?

While it’s comforting to have someone who always agrees with you and constantly applauds your efforts, this might not serve your long-term goals. Real growth and progress often come from being challenged, from being asked the tough questions that make you rethink and reassess your strategies and actions.

The value of a coach isn’t in their ability to make you feel good all the time; it’s in their capacity to guide you towards making decisions that bring tangible results and improvements to your business.

Here’s my advice: get a coach that pushes you forward, not just up.


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