Ouch, that title hurts a bit, doesn’t it?

But guess what? That’s the good news! (I’m serious.)

The secret to achieving what you want isn’t about changing who you are; rather, it’s about whether or not you’re willing to do the work.

It’s crazy, but I think some entrepreneurs want to be broken, so they have an excuse to avoid doing the work they know they should be doing but can’t muster the courage to do it.

I see this mindset everywhere – the idea that if we’re not succeeding, there must be something fundamentally wrong with us. It’s almost comforting to think that way because it means our lack of progress isn’t our fault, right? It’s easier to believe we’re inherently lacking in some way than to face the truth that maybe, just maybe, we aren’t putting in the effort required.

But here’s the deal – acknowledging that there’s nothing wrong with us is actually empowering. It means we already have everything we need to succeed within us. We don’t need to be fixed; we just need to get to work. It’s about shifting our mindset from searching for what’s broken to building on what we already have.

And the work I’m talking about isn’t just busywork. It’s the strategic, focused effort towards your goals. It’s doing the research, making the tough decisions, facing the challenges head-on, and staying committed even when things get tough. It’s about discipline, consistency, and resilience.  It’s waking up every day and asking, “What can I do today to move closer to my goals?”

Here’s the rub: Doing the work means facing the possibility of failure head-on. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks.

The truth of the matter is, it’s not that you aren’t good enough – you are just letting fear control your emotions, and your emotions control your activity.

READ THIS: You are good enough. You have what it takes. 

And let’s flip the script from today on. Instead of looking for what’s missing or broken, let’s focus on the strengths and resources we already possess. Let’s take that first daunting step, followed by another, and then another, building momentum as we go. That’s how you win in business (and life.)


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