Today, I want to share something that hit home during a coaching session with one of my clients. It sparked a thought about decision-making, a process we all face daily, yet many approach it with a mix of dread and reverence. 

We tend to view decisions as monumental forks in the road, believing that each choice irrevocably sets the course of our lives. 

But through my experiences in business and personal life, I’ve come to realize, that not every decision is as final as we think or as important as we give credit.

Sometimes, you have to make temporary decisions to keep things moving and to maintain momentum. Temporary decisions are not about committing to a path forever; they’re simply about not standing still. A temporary decision is a step forward; and sometimes, that’s all we need to break out of indecision.

And before you go down the justification rabbit hole – embracing this mindset doesn’t mean you make decisions carelessly. It’s about giving yourself permission to be adaptable, to learn, and to grow. It’s about recognizing that each decision is a step in a journey, not the end destination.

So, if you’re feeling stuck and unable to make a decision because it feels too final, remember this: life is a series of adjustments, learning, and growth. Give yourself the grace to make decisions – big or small – with the understanding that you can always make new choices in the future as you gather more information and experiences.


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