As we head into the new year, I want to chat about vision and resources, two elements that are pivotal in shaping our journey, both personally and professionally. Often, we find ourselves measuring our dreams against the yardstick of our current resources, restraining our aspirations within the confines of what we presently have. But here’s what I’d like to propose: your vision, dreams, and goals are supposed to surpass your present means. Stick with me here for a minute.

If our dreams and visions were always matched perfectly with our current resources, where would the growth be? Where would the challenge lie? It’s in the stretching, the reaching beyond our grasp, that we truly find ourselves and our potential. This is where the magic happens – in the space between where we are and where we want to be.

This might be obvious for some, but I think many people, including myself at times, tend to forget or overlook this fundamental truth. We get so caught up in the practicalities and logistics of ‘how’ that we lose sight of the ‘why’ and the ‘what.’ We start to believe that our dreams should fit neatly into the box of our current capabilities and resources. But here’s the thing – true vision isn’t about fitting into boxes; it’s about creating new ones.

Every great innovation, every leap in human achievement, started as a dream that didn’t align with the then-current resources. It started as a spark in someone’s imagination, a seemingly impossible idea that gradually took form through persistence, creativity, and determination.

Take a moment to reflect on your own life. How often have you held back because you thought you didn’t have enough – be it time, money, skills, or support? Now, imagine if, instead of seeing these as limitations, you viewed them as stepping stones or challenges to overcome. What could you achieve if you allowed your vision to be the driving force, pushing you to acquire the necessary resources along the way?

This year, I’m embracing this mindset wholeheartedly. I’m allowing my vision to be bigger, bolder, and more audacious than ever before. I’m prepared to stretch, to reach, and to grow into the person who can bring this vision to life. And yes, it’s intimidating, and yes, there will be moments of doubt. But the excitement and possibilities that come with chasing a grand vision far outweigh the fear.

So, as we move forward into this new year, let’s challenge ourselves to think beyond our current resources. Let’s set goals that scare us a little and excite us a lot. Let’s cultivate a vision so compelling that it pulls us forward, igniting our creativity and passion to make it a reality. 

Here’s to a year of bold dreams and relentless pursuit. Let your vision be your guide, and watch as the resources find their way to you. The journey may be unpredictable, but the destination will be more than worth it.


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