Each of us has felt underestimated at some point – by colleagues, friends, family, or society. It’s a common thread that binds us, this experience of being seen as less capable than we truly are. But, I’ve come to a realization that may resonate with you: more often than not, the person who has underestimated me the most is myself. It’s a profound thought, isn’t it? That we, more than anyone else, might be putting limits on our potential.

We’ve all experienced those external voices of doubt, but how often do we stop to consider the internal ones? The times we told ourselves we couldn’t handle a project, weren’t ready for a promotion, or couldn’t pursue a dream. These self-imposed limitations are often the heaviest shackles to break.

In my journey, I’ve noticed how frequently I’ve been the barrier to my progress. There were moments when I didn’t apply for an opportunity because I believed I wasn’t good enough. Times when I didn’t voice my opinion in a meeting, assuming my ideas weren’t valuable. Each of these instances was a self-constructed roadblock, born from underestimating my own abilities and worth.

But here’s the thing – realizing our tendency to self-underestimate is the first step towards change. It’s about shifting our internal narrative, recognizing our achievements, and understanding our value. This shift doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, a gradual relearning and reaffirming of our capabilities.

In helping others understand this, I encourage them to reflect on their achievements and the obstacles they’ve overcome. Think about the challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve navigated them. Often, you’ll find that you’ve accomplished much more than you give yourself credit for. In these reflections, we can start to see the disparity between what we’ve achieved and what we believe we can achieve.

Another powerful exercise is to ask yourself: “Would I ever judge someone else as harshly as I judge myself?” The answer is usually no. We tend to be our own harshest critics. Recognizing this can help us extend the same kindness and belief to ourselves that we readily offer to others.

It’s also crucial to surround ourselves with people who see our potential and encourage us to pursue our goals. Sometimes, it takes others believing in us to start believing in ourselves. But ultimately, the most important belief comes from within.

So, if you’ve ever felt underestimated – you’re not alone. But I challenge you to take a moment to consider if the person underestimating you the most could be the one in the mirror. 

Recognize your achievements, understand your worth, and never be afraid to bet on yourself. You are capable of incredible things, often more than you’ve allowed yourself to imagine. I believe in you.


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