Are you familiar with the exercise of choosing a word of the year? It’s a practice I’ve come to appreciate, one that involves selecting a single word to encapsulate your focus, goals, or aspirations for the year ahead. This simple yet profound exercise is a powerful tool for setting intentions and maintaining focus, something I’m excited to bring back into my life this year.

The essence of this practice lies in choosing a word that acts as your guiding principle. It’s like having a personal mantra that steers your decisions, actions, and goals. This word should align with the overarching theme or direction you wish to take in the coming year. For instance, choosing “Growth” could symbolize a commitment to expanding your business, developing new skills, or embracing new opportunities. Alternatively, “Balance” might represent a desire to cultivate a healthier work-life harmony.

What I love about this approach is how it simplifies goal-setting and motivation. Instead of getting lost in the complexities of detailed resolutions, you focus on a single, easily remembered word. It’s an adaptable method, open to interpretation, that provides a flexible framework for your personal and professional development.

Admittedly, I haven’t consistently chosen a word every year. However, this year, I’m reigniting this tradition with the word “Act.” As someone who often stays within the bounds of comfort, this word is my prompt to listen to my gut, trust my intuition, and take decisive action without overthinking.

If you’re planning to choose a word for yourself, here are a few tips that I’ve found helpful:

  • Action-Oriented: Select a word that encourages action or change. It should inspire movement, growth, or a shift in perspective. Your word should be a catalyst for the kind of transformation or progress you hope to achieve.
  • Daily Review: Incorporate your word into your daily routine. This could be through a morning affirmation, a note on your mirror, or a reminder on your phone. Regularly revisiting your word helps to keep your intentions at the forefront of your mind.
  • Personal Meaning: Choose a word that resonates personally with you. It should reflect your aspirations and challenges, serving as a constant reminder of what you aim to accomplish or embody.
  • Commit to Your Word: One crucial tip is to commit to your chosen word for the entire year, resisting the temptation to change it mid-way. The significance of this commitment lies in the consistency it brings to your journey. Changing your word halfway through the year can disrupt the momentum you’ve built and dilute the focus you’ve cultivated.

Choosing a word of the year is more than just a fun exercise; it’s a commitment to guiding your life and business in a direction that resonates with your true self. It’s about giving clarity to your intentions and actions, one word at a time.

I would love to hear what word you choose for your year. Tag me on social media and share your word – let’s inspire each other with our intentions and journeys.


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