As this year wraps up, I’m taking a moment to pause and reflect, something a bit different from my usual rush into planning for the new year. I’m sitting down with my journal, a cup of coffee by my side, and asking myself some deep, revealing questions about the past twelve months. It’s been a year of ups and downs, and I think there’s so much to learn from it. I’d love to share this reflective journey with you and maybe inspire you to do the same.

First on my list is recounting the big wins. I’m asking myself, “What were the major highlights of this year?” It’s so easy to forget the good moments, so I’m digging deep to find those one or two events that really shaped my year. And I’m reminding myself that even in tough years, there are victories worth celebrating.

Next, I’m taking a bird’s-eye view of 2023. If my life were a book, what would the chapter on this year say? I’m trying to condense the essence of this year into a sentence or two – what were the key themes, the defining moments?

One of the most intriguing reflections for me is on the unexpected lessons. I’ve learned so much this year, often from the most surprising places. I’m asking myself, “What did I learn that surprised me?” Reflecting on these lessons feels like uncovering hidden treasures from the year gone by.

People play such a crucial role in our lives, and I’m taking time to think about the key characters in my 2023 story. “Who were the people that significantly impacted my life this year?” Some might have brought joy, others challenges, but all have contributed to my journey.

Then, there’s the matter of worries and anxieties. I’m looking back at what I worried about and seeing if those concerns were as big as they seemed at the time. “What were my main worries, and how did they play out?” This is a real eye-opener, it’s proven to me how unnecessary most of my worries were.

I’m also thinking about what I need to leave behind. “What am I ready to let go of as I step into the new year?” It could be doubts, old grudges, or negative habits. I’m writing these down as a commitment to myself to move on.

Equally important is deciding what to carry forward. “What lessons, habits, and relationships do I want to bring into the new year?”

Gratitude is powerful, and I’m spending some time really diving into what I’m thankful for. “What am I grateful for this year?” This practice always brings a sense of peace and contentment.

Lastly, I’m reflecting on how I’ve changed. “In what ways have I grown this year? How am I different now compared to the start of the year?” This is helping me appreciate my journey and acknowledge my growth.

I invite you to do this reflective exercise with me! Grab a notebook and a quiet spot, and ask yourself these questions. You might be surprised at what you discover about your year and yourself. 

Here’s to learning from our past and stepping into the new year with wisdom and insight!


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