I’ve been thinking a lot about this constant battle we all seem to be fighting – a battle that, honestly, feels unwinnable at times. It’s the struggle for success, how we define it, chase it, and, sadly, often feel we never quite grasp it. It’s a draining cycle, one that leaves us feeling perpetually behind, no matter how much we achieve. It’s like we’re all on this never-ending treadmill, powered by our own dissatisfaction.

As humans, we’re wired to look ahead. It’s in our nature to plan, to anticipate, and to prepare. This forward-thinking mentality has helped us evolve, but it’s also planted a seed of constant dissatisfaction in our minds. We’re always chasing the next big thing, the next achievement, the future. But in doing so, we’re trapped in a cycle where today’s accomplishments feel insignificant compared to tomorrow’s goals.

Think about it – our emotional compass often points us toward what’s missing rather than what’s been achieved. It’s like we’re programmed to believe that what we have now is never quite enough. We’re essentially chasing a horizon, an elusive point that keeps moving as we move, making it impossible to ever really ‘arrive.’

Our goals are like shape-shifters, morphing and growing as we get closer to them. We rarely give ourselves the chance to celebrate our wins because as soon as we’re about to reach a goal, our gaze shifts to the next one. It’s a relentless pursuit where true satisfaction always seems out of reach.

I’ve often heard that gratitude is the antidote to this problem. And while being grateful is undoubtedly powerful, it doesn’t completely solve our fixation on the future. Gratitude anchors us in the present, but it doesn’t address our relentless drive for more.

However, a mindset shift, as suggested by Dan Sullivan in “The Gap And The Gain,” can be transformative. Instead of obsessing over the gap – what we haven’t achieved yet – we focus on the gain. This means looking back and appreciating how far we’ve come. It’s about changing our success criteria from what’s missing to what’s been accomplished.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve found this shift in perspective incredibly empowering. It’s allowed me to view each step of progress as a victory, not just a stepping stone to something bigger. Success stops being this ever-moving target and becomes a series of tangible, achievable milestones.

If you want to experience the power of this shift, try this exercise: jot down where you started – your knowledge, resources, connections, and skills. Be as detailed as possible. Now, compare that to where you are today. More often than not, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve achieved and how much you’ve grown. Your success story is there, written in the pages of your journey; it just needs to be acknowledged.

This approach has changed how I view my journey. It’s not about reaching a final destination of ‘success’; it’s about celebrating the incredible journey, the growth, and the achievements along the way. 

So, let’s play a game we can actually win. Let’s redefine success not as a destination but as a journey of continuous gains. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.


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