Lately, I’ve heard a lot of chatter about scaling back, especially in these uncertain times. Many are trimming their marketing budgets, delaying investments that could improve their service, and generally taking a more cautious approach. It’s understandable. Every economic shift brings a wave of fear, prompting business owners to tighten the purse strings. We all want to be more intentional with our dollars, right?

But here’s my take: pulling back and deciding to ‘hold off until after the New Year’ is not the wisest move. Why? Because the actions we take today don’t just affect us now; they shape our future – a month from now, three months, six months down the line. By not doing what’s necessary today to grow your business, you’re essentially setting yourself up to be behind when January rolls around.

In my nearly three decades in business, I’ve witnessed several economic ups and downs. And each time, I’ve noticed a pattern: those who retreat and wait for things to ‘get better’ struggle more and ultimately end up closing their business. On the other hand, those who step up, who double down on their efforts, face their struggles – they emerge stronger on the other side.

So, what does doubling down look like? It means making those extra calls, even when it feels like a stretch. It’s about creating valuable marketing assets, not just for today but for the future of your business. It’s about strengthening your connections and being proactive in every area of your business.

I’m not suggesting reckless spending or blind risk-taking. It’s about calculated, strategic actions – being bold in your decisions and steadfast in your commitment to growth.

Think about it. When you look back six months from now, what would you wish you had done today? Those actions you’re hesitating to take might be the very ones that set you apart from everyone else.

I understand the instinct to pull back when times are tough. But experience has taught me that it’s those who dare to take smart, bold actions during these times who write their own success stories. 

Your future self will thank you for the courage and initiative you show today.

So, let’s not cower in the corner. Let’s take the reins and double down on what makes our businesses thrive. Make decisions today that our future selves will look back on with gratitude. 

Here’s to stepping up our game and making moves that matter. The road might be challenging, but the journey is worth it!


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