Several years ago, I made the decision to make Friday the day that I work ON my business. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. The year I did this, I grew our team from me and one part-time assistant to 14 team members, and our income grew 150%.

I typically use Fridays to set goals, execute our own marketing strategies, and build internal systems and processes to serve our clients better.

Fridays are always productive. Fridays almost feel like I am on a stay-cation from my business. In the beginning, I felt a little guilty taking this time and telling clients and even team members that I wasn’t available. But now I know the impact this time has on my business and honestly even my mindset.

I’ve been an entrepreneur now for over three decades, and one thing I’ve learned is no one will prioritize your goals and business growth but you. Your clients will always demand your time. And your team will always need your help. If you don’t prioritize time to work on your business, passion, project, or side hustle – no one will.

I’m in the startup phase of my personal brand. So, today, I took time to set up the required pages on my website and review and update all of my social media profiles. Consistency of your messaging is key to connecting with your target audience on the various platforms. As far as I’m concerned, I’m officially “in business” with my new company/brand. It feels good.

I’ll probably work a little this weekend in the early morning. If I do, I’ll post an entry. I know that it’s important for me to take some time off from my desk so I can recharge my mind and body, otherwise, I will burn out.

It feels like everywhere online, you see entrepreneurs praising the workaholic. I don’t think it’s healthy. Don’t get me wrong, we have to work hard, but we also need rest and recovery. Maybe this mentality will cost me millions, but I don’t care. I learned years ago the discipline to work hard when I’m working, play hard, and be present when I’m with friends and family. It feels like many people struggle with being present with where they are. It’s a shame, really.


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