Today, I want to touch on a topic that I’ve encountered time and again in both my personal and professional life: the challenge of being coachable. It’s something that many of us struggle with, and I’ve seen firsthand how this struggle can impact growth and success.

Being coachable, at its core, means being open to feedback and guidance, and willing to adapt and learn. It sounds straightforward, but in practice, it can be incredibly difficult. Over the years, I’ve watched many talented and capable individuals face hurdles in this area. It often starts with a natural resistance to feedback. This resistance can stem from various reasons – pride, fear of change, discomfort with vulnerability, or simply being set in one’s ways.

I’ve seen colleagues and friends react defensively when offered constructive criticism, perceiving it as a personal attack rather than an opportunity for growth. This defensive stance is a natural human reaction, but it can also be a significant barrier to learning and improvement.

In other cases, the struggle comes from a place of self-doubt or insecurity. Some people find it hard to believe in their ability to adapt and grow, leading them to dismiss feedback or guidance that challenges their current skill set or understanding.

What’s clear to me is that being coachable is not just about listening to feedback – it’s about being willing to change and grow based on that feedback. It’s about having the humility to admit that we don’t know everything and the courage to step out of our comfort zones.

The good news is that coachability is a skill that can be developed. It starts with self-awareness – recognizing our own reactions to feedback and understanding the reasons behind them. From there, it’s about consciously cultivating an open mind, practicing active listening, and reminding ourselves of the value that different perspectives bring to our growth.

Being coachable isn’t about admitting you’re wrong or not good enough. It’s about being open to growth and new perspectives. It’s about recognizing that no matter how much we know, there’s always more to learn.

Being coachable has opened up so many doors for me, both personally and professionally. It’s allowed me to grow, to improve, and to see things from perspectives I never would have considered before. It’s helped me become a better listener, a more effective leader, and, most importantly, a lifelong learner.

So, here’s my little piece of advice: embrace coachability. Be open to feedback, welcome different viewpoints, and never stop learning. It’s a journey that’s well worth it, filled with growth, discovery, and endless possibilities.

And remember, no matter how far we’ve come, there’s always room to grow.


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