So, yesterday was Thanksgiving, and like many of you, I spent it soaking up every moment with my family. It’s kind of surreal, you know? My kids aren’t little anymore; they’re out there making their own mark in the world. Trying to get everyone’s schedules to sync is a bit like herding cats, but that just makes the times we do get together all the more special. Got me thinking about something I learned a while back, something that really changed my outlook: just how crucial it is to be all in and present wherever you are.

You see, I’ve been an entrepreneur the entire time that my kids were growing up. While entrepreneurship comes with its perks, like flexibility, it also comes with responsibility. When my children were small, stepping out for work, especially for sales calls, often left me with a pang of guilt. Was I missing out on irreplaceable moments at home? When I was working, I was thinking about the kids, and when I was with the kids, I’d be stressing about my business.

Have you ever felt like this?

This whole push-and-pull thing went on for way too long. Then, one day, it hit me: this wasn’t doing me or my family any good. So, I made a choice – to be 100% wherever I was, be it at work or with my family.

What do I mean by being 100% there? It’s not just about showing up. It’s about really diving into those moments. Like when I’m with the fam, my phone is off-limits. No checking emails or answering calls. Just me, soaking up the laughs, the stories, and even the quiet times. It’s about really listening, not just nodding along.

Being present also means being engaged. Whether it’s playing a board game with the kids, cooking a meal together, or simply hanging out, it’s about participating actively, not just being a bystander. It’s about creating memories, not just witnessing them.

This whole being present thing? It’s done wonders. Not just for my time with the family, but at work too. When I’m working, I’m all in. It means I get more done, and I don’t have that work guilt hanging over me when I’m home.

Have you ever noticed how many of us are missing out on life because we’re just not present? I see it all the time, and it really hits home. People, maybe even ourselves, walk around like zombies, glued to our phones, lost in our thoughts, or just generally distracted. It’s like we’re physically there, but mentally, we’re a million miles away.

I see it in coffee shops, where friends meet up for a catch-up, but half the time, they’re scrolling through their phones. Or families at restaurants, where instead of talking to each other, everyone’s eyes are locked on their screens. It’s like we’re together, but not really. We’re sharing the same space, but not the same moments.

And it’s not just about technology. Sometimes, it’s our worries, our to-do lists, or our past and future anxieties that keep us from being truly present. We’re either fretting over something that happened yesterday or stressing about what’s going to happen tomorrow, and in doing so, we completely miss what’s happening right now.

But here’s the thing: life is happening in the now. Those little moments – a smile from a stranger, the laughter of a child, the beauty of a sunset – they’re all happening right in front of us. But if our minds are elsewhere, we’re blind to the beauty and the joy of these moments.

I’ve been there, caught up in the whirlwind of not being present, and let me tell you, it’s no way to live. We’re on this beautiful, wild ride called life, and it’s passing us by while we’re looking the other way. It’s like we’re at this amazing party, but we’re too busy staring at the door or our phones to realize the fun we could be having.

So, what can we do about it? It starts with a conscious decision to be in the moment. Put down the phone, let go of the worries, and just be. Look around, listen, feel, and engage with the world and the people around you. It’s about making the most of the now because, in the end, that’s all we really have.

Remember, every day is a gift, and every moment is a chance to live, to connect, to laugh, and to love. Don’t let those moments slip away because you weren’t really there. Be present, be mindful, and truly experience the life you’re living. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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