Here’s my morning routine (99% of the time):

  • 6:30 am Wake Up
  • 6:45 am Meditate
  • 7:15 am Morning Walk
  • 7:45 am Breakfast (I meal prep on Sunday to make things easy)
  • 8:00 am Check And Respond to Email
  • 8:15 am Write In My Book
  • 9:00 am First Coaching Call

Why am I sharing this? My morning routine is critical. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about setting the tone for my entire day. When I wake up, I allow myself a few moments to stretch and breathe, feeling grateful for a new day. Meditation follows, which helps me center my thoughts and intentions. This quiet time is crucial for my mental clarity.

My morning walk is my way of connecting with nature. There’s something incredibly refreshing about the morning air and the soft light of a new day. It grounds me and reminds me that there’s a world beyond the four walls of my office. 

I also use my morning walks as an opportunity to listen to a book on Audible. This has become an integral part of my routine. It’s amazing how a good book can transport you to different worlds, provoke new thoughts, and inspire fresh ideas. I find that this combination of physical movement and mental engagement sets a positive and energizing tone for the rest of my day. I often find myself arriving back home with creative juices flowing and ready to tackle the day ahead.

When I step into my office, I feel prepared. It’s not just a physical space; it’s where my creativity and productivity merge. Starting my workday, I know I’ve already accomplished several tasks for my well-being, which boosts my confidence.

I typically only check my email twice a day to minimize distractions. Once in the morning and again just before I leave the office.

I was trying to write in my book in the afternoon. That didn’t work. I found that by the end of the day, I was spent, and my creative juices were running low – not the best time to be writing.

I protect my time between 9 am – 12 noon to meet with clients. I find I am freshest earlier in the day when my mind is clear, and my energy levels are high. This time slot is sacred for me, dedicated exclusively to my clients. It’s when I can offer them my undivided attention, bringing my best self to each meeting.

This focused approach has proven to be incredibly beneficial, both for me and for my clients. In these hours, I’m more attentive, more creative in my problem-solving, and more empathetic to their needs. I’ve noticed that the quality of my interactions is significantly higher in the morning, which often leads to more productive sessions.

Additionally, setting this specific time frame for client meetings helps me manage my day more effectively. It establishes a routine that I can rely on. By reserving my peak hours for client interactions, I also ensure that I have the necessary time later in the day for other important tasks, including things like writing my podcast scripts, creating my social media posts, writing my journal entries, and other marketing related activities related to growing my personal brand.

I used to be a yellow legal pad kinda gal. Everything, and I mean everything, went on a list. The problem with this system is that it’s hard to organize and keep track of everything for each task/project. So, I manage all my tasks in Trello. If it is to be done, a Trello card is created to complete it. I add myself to the card and set a due date. When you set a due date on a card, it will send you a reminder, which has been a game-changer for keeping on top of my commitments. This digital shift has brought a level of organization to my life and business that I didn’t know was possible.

The last two things I do before I end my work day are write and post my journal entry to my website and set alarms on my phone for the next day’s calls. This ensures that I am never late for my appointments, which is crucial in my professional life. It’s quite shocking, actually, how many people struggle with punctuality. Being on time is not just about respecting the other person’s schedule, but it also reflects on one’s reliability and professionalism. This is huge! If you’re a person who runs late all the time and is struggling to get clients, that might be why. I’m a huge believer in how you do some things is how you do everything. If you can’t manage the one thing you are 100% in control of (your time), then I won’t trust you in the bigger things of life and business. Like it or not, it’s what I believe. And I know there are many other people just like me.

This routine isn’t just about discipline; it’s about self-care and mindfulness. It grounds me and keeps me focused. I get so much done in a day – I’m impressed with myself! The crazy thing is that despite the high productivity and the long list of tasks I manage to tick off, I rarely feel overwhelmed.

This balance is largely due to the mindful approach I integrate into my daily schedule. It’s not just about doing more; it’s about being intentional with what I do and how I do it. By being present in each task, I avoid the mental clutter that often leads to feeling stressed or overloaded. This mindfulness practice helps me efficiently allocate my energy and time, ensuring that I am effective in my tasks without sacrificing my mental peace.


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