Today, I woke up with SO MUCH clarity! God speaks again! Thank you, Father God!

I’m calling this new path “Changing Lanes: A 433-Day Journey To Building a Personal Brand.”

I am speaking on a panel tonight at a local event to talk about my story, and I’m going to invite the attendees to join me on this journey.

I still don’t have everything figured out in terms of how I’ll deliver everything I’m working on with everyone, so I am going to create a really simple landing page and just invite them to subscribe to my list. I gotta keep it simple, so I don’t get off track on other things. The most important thing at this time is getting clear on what I want, setting up systems for success, and making key decisions on how I can share this with everyone in a clear and successful way.

This is what the landing page looks like. I’m documenting this because I know this will change in the future, and I want to document as much as I can.

I have a lot of things I need to do, but just getting clarity on my message is a huge win for me today.

I’m changing lanes – not starting over. How simple, yet powerful.

Okay, I had to add to this post after speaking at the event tonight.

First of all, I got emotional sharing this message with everyone. And the attendees were so supportive! I had several people come up to me to say how much my message of “changing lanes” spoke to them and where they are in their own journeys.

I’m blessed beyond belief already. God’s probably one of the best “marketers” I know.


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