My goal is to complete two podcasts a week. One solo podcast where I will share topics related to branding, marketing, sales, and mindset related. And one interview podcast where I will be interviewing someone on the same topics.

Yesterday, I outlined 100+ solo podcast titles that I can choose from over the next year. Today, I’ve brain-dumped all of the experts I know in the space that I believe can add value to my audience and have started sending them personal emails to ask them if they’d be willing to be a guest on my podcast.

I set up a task in my Trello board to send out 10 personal emails every Friday. I don’t know how many emails I’ll have to send to get a guest booked. My guess is the people on my list with larger audiences will be harder to book and will also require some follow-up, so I may need to increase the number of emails sent, but I start with 10. Worst case scenario, I may need to fill in my interview podcasts with solos until I can line up my guests.

That’s it for today. Get things in motion to line up my podcast guests and continue to explore a few AI tools that will help me streamline my podcast production and editing.


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