Recently, during a coaching session, a client shared with me a feeling that’s all too common among us entrepreneurs: she was unhappy. Despite her successes, something was missing, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. As we dove deeper into the conversation, we realized it wasn’t the workload making her unhappy; it was that she wasn’t making time to do other (non-business) activities that made her happy.

She confessed to being so laser-focused on her goals and the growth of her business that she had completely sidelined her personal interests and hobbies. “I’m just too busy,” she’d tell herself, using her packed schedule as a shield against the guilt of neglecting the activities that bring her so much happiness.

The truth is happiness doesn’t need to be sacrificed at the altar of success. In fact, embracing the things that make us genuinely happy can fuel our entrepreneurial spirit more than we realize. It’s about finding balance, about weaving the things that bring us joy into the fabric of our busy lives.

So, I recommend that she start small. Carve out time each week – non-negotiable “me-time” – to reconnect with those sidelined passions and know the world won’t fall apart because she takes a couple of hours (or even a day) off. If anything, it’s likely her work will benefit. And she’ll return to her work fresher, more creative, and, importantly, happier.

So, for my fellow entrepreneurs caught in the cycle of ‘too busy,’ I urge you to pause. Reflect on what brings you joy outside of your work. Our businesses need us, yes, but they need us whole, fulfilled, and truly alive.

Let’s not let our happiness become collateral damage on the road to success.


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