A friend of mine brought up the other day that imposter syndrome was hitting him hard because he was stepping out to do something he had never done before. My advice was, “You don’t need to be the best; you just need to know more than those you are leading.”

Now, I know this idea might make a lot of us entrepreneurs squirm a bit. So, let me make something crystal clear:

This isn’t about settling for mediocrity or not striving to improve. It’s about recognizing that the pursuit of perfection is impossible. And waiting until you feel fully ready or until you believe you’ve become the absolute best in your field can mean waiting forever. The truth is expertise is relative. To the person a few steps behind you, your knowledge and experience are invaluable. You are already a leader in their eyes.

I’ve found myself in discussions about imposter syndrome a lot more lately, especially among entrepreneurs. It feels like it’s everywhere, and I can’t help but think it’s partly because we’re all scrolling through social media, looking at everyone’s highlight reels. It’s those perfectly curated posts, those snapshots of success and seemingly flawless journeys, that can make us question our own paths.

This constant exposure to the best moments of others’ professional lives sets an unrealistic benchmark. It’s easy to forget that behind every polished post, there are struggles, setbacks, and the same fears we all face. The comparison game can be dangerous, feeding into the imposter syndrome that tells us we’re not good enough, not successful enough, or not deserving of our achievements.

What’s important to remember is that social media is a filtered reality. It’s a collection of moments chosen for their shine, not their truth. The reality is everyone faces doubts and challenges. Everyone has days where they feel like they’re just winging it. But it’s those unshared struggles that make the journey real and the successes earned.

So, circling back to the heart of our conversation about stepping into new territories and tackling imposter syndrome head-on: if you’re feeling overwhelmed because you’re new to something, remember, you don’t need to be the top expert or the absolute best in the field to make a significant impact. What truly matters is that you possess knowledge, skills, and insights that those you’re aiming to help or lead do not. This alone positions you as a valuable leader and resource.

The essence of leadership and teaching isn’t about flaunting perfection or claiming to know everything. It’s about guiding others through what you’ve already mastered and sharing the lessons from your own experiences.


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