Becoming Extraordinary

Your past isn’t an anchor; it’s what makes you extraordinary and is actually your superpower. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and learn how to let go of the past, leverage life's lessons, and build the life you deserve. 

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About Misty Kortes

Misty Kortes

Digital marketer, coach, author, professional speaker, & podcast host.

Misty Kortes is an industry-leading figure in the field of digital marketing, renowned for her multifaceted roles as a compelling author, an insightful professional speaker, and an engaging podcast host. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Misty's profound impact on the entrepreneurial landscape has been felt far and wide, touching the lives of over 4,500 driven individuals seeking to carve their niche in the competitive business world.

Armed with a formal education in marketing and a wealth of hands-on experience, Misty has honed her expertise to guide and mentor entrepreneurs, enabling them to uncover their unique strengths and channel them toward establishing a powerful personal brand. Her innovative approach has fostered a community of inspired individuals who not only achieve professional success but also find a deep sense of fulfillment in aligning their endeavors with their core values.

Recognized as an influential thought leader, Misty's insights have graced the pages of reputable publications such as USA Today, CBS, Fox News, NBC, and AZCentral, solidifying her position as a credible voice in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and entrepreneurship. Through her podcasts and speaking engagements, Misty has captivated audiences with her compelling narrative, sharing stories of triumphs and challenges that resonate with the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs.

A cornerstone of Misty's philosophy lies in her unwavering commitment to empowering struggling individuals who feel a calling beyond the ordinary. Her transformative process is designed not only to ignite professional growth but also to instill a sense of purpose and authenticity in every endeavor. By encouraging a holistic approach to success, she inspires her clients to embrace their unique journeys and harness their innate potential to create a lasting impact on the world.